Beautiful Places in San Marino

Rocca Guaita

Mount Titano’s long ridge is crowned by three fortresses, with San Marino’s town clustered at the foot of its walls. The fortress’s first and oldest portion, Rocca Guaita, was founded in the 11th century. It served as a gaol for a time and was upgraded many times for various purposes before taking on its current form.

Monte Titano

Mount Titano, at 739 metres high, is the highest point for miles and offers spectacular views from each of its three towers. On a clear day, the view stretches northwest to the Apennines, east to the Rimini peninsula, and across the Adriatic to the Dalmatian coast.

Palazzo Pubblico

The Neo-Gothic Government House (Palazzo Pubblico) with its square crenellated tower was planned and constructed in stone on Mount Titano in the late 1800s by architect Francesco Azzurri. The coats of arms of the Republic and its four towns adorn the fa├žade.